Dataism / Reincarnations

© 2022, Matthieu Bourel
All rights reserved.

Off/On - Internal Levels

Publishing for the first time the painting works as self-taught, started 8 years ago, accordingly to the birth of my son, Leo.

As I had to learn by myself, step by step, quite freely & spontaneous, away from the outside, where I could fail & sometimes conquer, I kept until now this field recluded to this very private sphere - My Wife, my son, close friends, and kids-. Losing first my studio, learning to work from anywhere at anytime, then to get a perfect one years later, still in the house. Everything matters, and there is just now.

Today emerges a certain need for sharing them. A -necessity-. Another one. Ready to accept foreign glances and criticism, as some parts are already from the past, but still a part from me, and thus straddle one cycle to go to the other, or mix everything together. Not really a small issue, but an intent.

Not sure that everyone appreciates it, some will undoubtedly hate it, but others will hopefully enjoy it and will maybe see in them what I'm still looking for through it. If I had find I think I'd stop, I guess.
So far, I only think of the next one, and all of these remain unfinished & on progress or possibly destructible as long as they hang there, in the atelier, lifeless. A personal field of voluntary experimentation.

Thank you for reading.