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What inspires you to make art?
Everything, Every day. A walk, a book, a song, a lecture, a poem, a talk with a friend, anything.

Do you have a hidden message to share with your audience?
I try to reflect my own relation & reactions to the world & daily news. What shocks me, what I'm sensitive to, what please me, whatever politic, artistic or poetic it is. With a specific original intent, or more often, none. A way to share my discoveries, to reveal myself by combinations & hoping for a reaction, I guess usually different from the others, with their own personal background.
I guess it's somehow hidden as my message in my work is not always obvious. I also like to play with titles this way.

Why do you use collages?
It's more a way of life, I have to say.
(Analog) Collage is for me a matter of choice and taking decision, like in real life. You have a spontaneous lecture and have to decide where to cut a unique piece, adjust, balance and finally glue to create a sort of unforeseen puzzle, with no possible U-turn.
A quick process, where you have to deal only with the elements you have in hands. In digital, you have indeed an unlimited choice, but I always try to work the same way with my work or commissioned illustration. scizors & glue. Cut & paste. As a Video Editor, I used to always edit with staight cut, no fades out/or in, so to find the exact point to join sequences (if you know what I'm talking about. Maybe too specifical ;) ) I'm painting too, and I imagine this process is also unconsciously involved. Inputs/Output

How do you feel when you work on these pieces?
Comme un poisson dans l'eau (Like a fish in the water). It's really my element. I do that since Im 15 old. Same process I used for music with samples or when I was a Film editor after my studies in Paris early 2000. It s all related to pieces of time & appropriation, that you assemble unrelated elements on your own timeline, creating a new narrative, with your own eyes. like how our dreams works. A puzzle of different periods of time. (see scan)

Are these pieces a reflection of your own emotions or influenced by others?
Both. I would say that it reflects somehow what influence me & my emotion, but not clearly. With my brain as an interface to give back then my own vision. First rule is to never copy.

What advice may you give to aspiring artists out there?
Keep it real, Be inventive, Stay curious
I love this quote from Oscar Wilde “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”