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Undercover "We make noise not clothes"

"A perfect day"
Jun Takahashi crafted a dark romantic fairytale, a collection full of dreams and the joy of escapism.
Deeply honored by such a beautiful collaboration, and so to remember today


Jun Takahashi’s Undercover is as well crafted as it is subversive. He takes your everyday garment, tears it at the seams, and then pieces it back together to fit his deconstructed, slightly masochistic, sometimes silly aesthetic. For Fall/Winter ’16, he printed Matthie Bourel’s work onto his clothes. And so sweaters featured distorted and warped images of beautiful women, giving them an eerie, Lynchian feel. The images—appropriated and then appropriately slashed and chopped up—looked like something you might find in BessNYC’s portfolio, the Instagram artist known for his chilling collages that the fashion industry has recently taken a liking to.

More backstage pictures here. Photography Chloé Le Drezen

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