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Fail Collaboration started with Silant.f.red, a projection/mapping realized for House Of Clouds, Berlin, january 2011. Created by Ilan Katin and FRED. The project consists in a freestanding wood sculpture with three video projectors. Sound designed by me as Electric Kettle.

Silant.f.red from ilan katin on Vimeo.

We made together a variation of it at the Mapping Festival Early May this year.
"Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh"
The structure is in essence a narrative organism. This being is telling its story without words or any human form. Its body is its language. This body has its own temporal vitality, a re-interpretation of the human condition. The wood has the value of bones and flesh is no different from the temporality of light. As the audience moves around the sculpture, they are inevitably part of the story unfolding around them.

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