© 2023, Matthieu Bourel
All rights reserved.

A day unfolds, an artist's palette in hand,
Illustrating dreams, on creativity's strand.
A father's embrace, love's tender sway,
In the arms of family, a moment to stay.

A lover's whisper, in the twilight's glow,
A dance of hearts, in passion's soft flow.
A traveler's journey, in lands unknown,
Footprints left in paths that time has sown.

And when the night unfolds its starry gown,
A musician's soul, in melodies, is found.
In the symphony of life, each role played,
A harmonious cadence, in the serenade.

A day draped in the artist's shadow,
Illustrating shadows in a canvas of woe.
A father's role, a haunting embrace,
Love's silhouette in a desolate space.

A lover's dance in the dimming light,
Passion's echo in the encroaching night.
A traveler's path in the gloom's embrace,
Footsteps echo in a forlorn chase.

And when the night unveils its despair,
A musician's lament hangs in the air.
In life's somber symphony, each role,
A cadence echoes in a melancholy stroll.