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"The artist Matthieu Bourel cuts, combines and puts together, what doesn't belong together in the first place - following the tradition of the Dadaists. His visually powerful collages catapult us into a world, of which we don't know if it's a reminiscence of a bygone or the prophecy of a forthcoming one - it's solely the artist's world. The artist takes refined twists and turns beyond any straight visual narrative and cleverly evades an interpretation. Among others the analogue process, physical contact with the raw material is important for the artist when creating his own visual worlds.

Bourel describes his work as "data-ism", a term, which references to a fundamental problem of our time: the permanent data flow we are constantly exposed to. Artists deal with that in their own way: Bourel reorganizes and reformates his image sources, creates something new out of the existing and evokes nostalgia for a period in time, that never truly existed." Michael Biedowicz, Pavlovdog G., 2017