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What We Buried, by Kate A. Boorman
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
ISBN: 9781250191687
320 Pages, Ages 14-18
AD: Rich Deas

Cosmopolitan's 11 Best Young Adult Books in 2019

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“Do you ever just want to be believed?”

Told from the split viewpoints of Liv and Jory, Kate A. Boorman's What We Buried is a psychological thrill ride that deftly explores how memories can lie, how time can bend, and how reconciling the truth can be a matter of life or death.

great review of our collaboration & process, here by christian Trimmer, that shows the evolution of the work and my different sketches with Art Director Rich Deas.
"Usually, when I acquire a novel, I can picture what the cover could be, but here, I was like, “Huh?” Happily, I was paired with designer Rich Deas, who is masterful at capturing tone and theme, particularly with complex, darker material. And just as he and I were starting to work together on the cover, the New York Times published a piece featuring a creepy AF piece of art by Matthieu Bourel. Rich brought Matthieu on board, who delivered some super cool comps.
Rich and Matthieu worked closely to find the right model for Liv (Rich already had the perfect image for Jory) and the images that would live in the characters’ faces. Matthieu worked his magic, and then Rich played with backgrounds and type treatment.
As Liv and Jory’s narratives have equal weight in the novel, we wanted to give them equal “billing” on the jacket. I am IN LOVE with how it turned out. " Me too! :)