Dataism / Reincarnations

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Brand Eins Magazin . Hamburg. Germany. June 2020

I was nicely commissioned this month to re-interpret by handmade paper collage the content of the june edition called "Re-Sortieren" (Reorder). Was somehow an heavy stock of images to digest in 5 days., but was really happy to deal with and to have an occasion of such an experience. Here is the result of their selection.

AD: Stefan Ostermeier / Sarah Rubensdörffer [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg [1600x1200].jpg