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#Think LARGE

#Beauty should not be too accessible. The closer you get, the more it fades away.

#Question the answers, rather than answer the questions

#Large distance in the message.

#Anagram day/ Realité/Realiste/Lesterai/Leserait/Etaliers/Ateliers/Eristale

#What is beauty?

# Comfort Subtility

# Power of Boredom

# Who am I today? TOmorrow?

#A quest for beauty of things

# A day artist, a day lllustrator, a day father, a day lover, a day traveller and sometimes musician.
A day unfolds, an artist's palette in hand,
Illustrating dreams, on creativity's strand.
A father's embrace, love's tender sway,
In the arms of family, a moment to stay.