© 2023, Matthieu Bourel
All rights reserved.

In the shadows

In the shadows lurks a beast, aching,
It waits amidst your garden's embrace,
Slyly seeking to claim your essence,
Flee, if you dare, but it ensnares,
Can't you sense its claws, relentless?
Chase after the fleeting light,
Keep on running, don't look back,
They pursue you, relentless hounds,
Dash for the sun, oh wanderer bold,
Once more branded an outlaw,
Time bends, Superman, in fleeting embrace,
He lingers in the realm of make-believe,
Where reality twists and bends,
Your world oscillates, night to day,
In the furnace of dreams, it fades away,
Lost in the azure expanse, untamed.


Family Climax

In the murky depths of my soul, envy and jealousy never found a place for the eldest, not a flicker of their flame dared to dance. It's a tale that brewed its bitter concoction quietly until just a fortnight ago when calamity, that old familiar, reared its grotesque head once more.

This isn't just a surface wound, no, it's a festering sore that's been festering since the dawn of my existence, a relentless assault on my dignity and self-respect. It came at me from unexpected angles, veiled in the madness of his cronies who sought to tear me down, and then, the final blow delivered by the spineless rhetoric of my own flesh and blood. A line crossed, never to be retraced.

I've scoured the annals of literature and cinema for a semblance of understanding, but this ordeal transcends all comprehension. My brother, once a pillar of kinship, now lost to the abyss with no hope of return.

And now, the looming question hangs heavy in the air like the stench of decay: do I still lay claim to parents? They feign ignorance, carrying on as if the rupture in our family fabric never occurred, and the weight of their denial crushes me under its burden.