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Matthieu Bourel / Ekdojo

Visual Art / Art direction / New Media
Independant [FR] [DE] [EN]
born in 1976, in Rennes, France
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
Mobile +49 (0) 151 21237250
Studio +49 (0) 30 633 76 524
Commission works & various publications for Gestalten, New York Times, New Yorker, Time Magazine, Die Zeit, Wired, Condé Nast, Washington Post, Mother Jones, to name a few. Collaboration with Jun Takahashi aka Undercover. Intense.

Open for serious projects, illustration & New Media.

please address your inquiry or say hello at : rotopotopo@hotmail.com

In case of a hurried editorial, please call/text directly.

I'm a nice guy but not a banana.

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As the act of creation is already the infringement in collage, and that nowadays it's not easy to use anything on this matter, even images from Books that you own or the old cherish magazines from your grandmother, as well as to clarify who detain the rights on images if not own by the most well known Getty images, Corbis, Istock or Alamy, that I often use to work with for commissioned illustrations, please contact me If you nonetheless believe that copyrights are not being respected & I will take it out immediatly. No need to blackmail me. -not-to-mention- I have also a lawyer.
Thank you for reading, your sympathy and your comprehension.