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Concept, creative and art direction

Following to the Artwork creation for the triple album late fall, I was commissioned by Infiné & planet E, to create & compose an hour of live visuals for Carl craig & the versus synthetizer ensemble.
It was a pleasure to go back to video with the complicity of my friend ilan katin, who made it so special & exciting to work on.

Versus is a long-gestating audio document of the collaboration between Detroit techno luminary Carl Craig, pianist Francesco Tristano, and French orchestra Les Siècles, conducted by François-Xavier Roth. All the aforementioned musicians (along with Germany's Moritz von Oswald, who serves as "spiritual advisor" for this recording) premiered Versus on-stage in 2008, reportedly to five standing ovations. Instead of taking the easy way out and just releasing a recording of the concert, Craig and company spent nearly a decade working on this album, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the recording studio. Versus certainly seems like a project that was labored over for such a long time, and it ends up being entirely worth it.

Tour Dates
29.05 Detroit, Movement Festival
17.06 Barcelona, Sonar Festival
07.07 Paris, The Peacock Festival
16.07 Dour, Dour Festival
28.07 – Plock Festival, Audiorivel
19.08 Lowlands Festival
27.08 London, SW4
02.09 Melbourne
03.09 Sydney
10.10 Roma Festival
18.10 Budapest
21.10 Amsterdam
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ilan katin
Infine Records