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Primitivism /80x80cm Charcoal & acrylic, usually 2 Phases in chains, on canvas
Primitivism 2 Quotes, might shed light on the intention behind these works—a quest for form through automatic drawing, starting with charcoal. It's an expressive journey without fear or predefined objectives. As I reflect on readings from this year, it becomes clear that my chosen path aligns with a process, embracing a haphazard direction. There's a comforting sense of coincidence, and a nod of respect to those who walked this creative path before me. A reminder that we're not alone in finding joy in this artistic endeavor.
Paul Klee, Pantheon Books, 1972
It is a great difficulty and great necessity to have to start with the smallest. I want to be as though new-born, knowing nothing, absolutely nothing; ignoring poets and fashions, to be almost primitive. Then I want to do something very modest; to work out by myself a tiny, formal motive, one that my pencil; will be able to hold without any technique. One favorable moment is enough. The little thing is easily and concisely set down. It's already done! It was a tiny but real affair, and someday, through the repetition of such small but original deeds, there will come one work upon which I can really build.
The Diaries of Paul Klee,publisher, University of California Press, 1964
I project on the surface; that is, the essence of the subject must always become visible, even if this is impossible in nature, which is not adapted to this relief style. The absence of foreshortening also plays a crucial part in the process.. .For I have discovered a very small, undisputed, personal possession: a particular sort of three-dimensional representation on the flat surface.. .I am my style.